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 In our fifth year of marriage, we took the leap into the waters of entrepreneurship together, never knowing how deep the waters actually were… We’d always intended to work for ourselves and to build our own business. It was when our second daughter was born that we decided that it was time to make a change, because working for someone else was never going to provide us the life we really wanted. 

You know how so many agencies charge $5k-$10K for a new website, which means that most small businesses are forced to try to cobble something together themselves in all their “spare time”? We solve that problem by putting brand new, custom-designed websites within the grasp of even the smallest of businesses by providing hosting, on-going maintenance and website design all for one small, budget-friendly amount.

While we are based in Ontario, Canada, it’s not unusual to find us exploring other areas of the world. Having time freedom and running a business that’s not tied to any specific physical location is essential to who we are because we have three young girls and we want to spend as much time with them as possible as they grow up.

Edward is the tech (moderate) genius on the team.

With a background in programming and hardware, he takes care of all the “complex background” stuff that’s required. When he’s not busy working, he loves to read, be outdoors with his kids, or working with his hands.

Kate loves design and being creative

Kate is the visually creative one on the team, and she handles the design of most of the client sites. When she’s not building websites, she can be found on Pinterest looking for woodworking and knitting projects, outdoors hiking, or napping (I have three kids under 5, what do you expect? :).

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